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This is Mind Expander, our crown achievement, that sits at the top of what we have achieved so far. We are incredible excited and proud to give you an introduction to this revolutionary nootropic.

What is the Mind Expander?

Mind Expander is a water-soluble carbon based brain supplement made from a natural mineral called C60.

It has been developed through cutting edge nanotechnology to help give you enhanced mental abilities such as heightened and extended levels of focus, increased mental endurance and boosted ability to learn faster while processing more information.

Mind Expander is not a drug and does not contain any toxic chemicals. It doesn't need to be digested so it moves fast in the body achieving rapid results. it moves fast in the body, achieving rapid results. 

Who is Mind Expander for?
This nootropic is ideal for any individual, young or old, who is experiencing extended hours of mental pressure such as: Formula 1 drivers, fighter jet pilots, surgeons, med/law students, gamers, nurses, firefighters and executives, to mention a few.

What is the difference between Mind Expander and other nootropics?
Instead of using a mix of ingredients to provide nutrients to the brain, we have improved one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man to help optimize how the brain functions. What we offer has never been done before.

Listen to this mother who gave her autistic children Mind Expander

15ml bottle of Mind Expander - $799

30ml Bottle of Mind Expander - $1599