Q: What does C60 mean?

A: C60 is short for Carbon 60 which is the natural molecule in EON C60 with all the health benefits.

Q: What is C60?

A: C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms. Under the microscope you can see that the C60 molecule is shaped and looks like a soccer ball. Like the image below.

Q: What does C60 do?

A: C60 reduces inflammation in the body, helps to increase energy, clear brain fog and boosts the immune system which improves over-all health.

Q: Will it upset my stomach?

A: Due to the detoxifying aspect of C60, some might experience loose stool during the first couple of days of use.

Q: Can I increase the dosage?

A: Yes. Increased intake will result in greater effect from all of our products.

Q: What can I expect from taking EON C60?

A: - More Energy, Clear Thoughts, No Brain Fog!

- Reduced Inflammation & Lubricated Joints
(back pain, knee pain, neck pain & mosquito bites)

- A super potent immunity booster that is 170 times more powerful than Vitamin-C

Q: What can I expect from taking MIND EXPANDER?

A: - Sustained and heightened level of Focus!

- Increased Mental Stamina!

- The ability to work for longer without taking breaks!

Q: What does bioavailable mean?

A: It means that the body can easily absorb the nutrients.

Q: What does water-soluble mean?

A: Instead of using oils to deliver C60 into the body we use water which is significantly more bioavailable. Our bodies are made of 60% water. Taking a supplement that is water-soluble will make it a lot easier for the body to benefit from the healing aspect.  

Q: What does non-toxic mean?

A: It means that our C60 supplement is created without using toxic solvents.

Q: What is the difference between oil based C60 and your water soluble C60?

A: Water soluble C60 is much more bioavailable. 

Q: What about customs fees?

A: Shipping is available worldwide. Customs fees may apply to orders shipping outside the US. These fees may not appear on your order total, and may be incurred upon delivery.

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