Nano Genesis Labs is proud to offer two innovative new products, EON C60 and MIND EXPANDER.

These natural supplements provides users with more energy, superior focus, improved mental stamina, greater longevity, and improved overall health.

Together these groundbreaking products form what we call the ULTIMATE PACKAGE where both the brain and the body is set to perform at the highest level.

MIND EXPANDER for superior focus, improved mental stamina and increased ability to process more information.

EON C60 for reduced inflammation throughout the body, increased energy and a boosted immune system.

What can I expect from taking EON C60?

1 - Removes Brain Fog and Provides More Energy!

2 - Reduces Inflammation Naturally Without Side Effects!

3 - Boosts Immune System!

What can I expect from taking MIND EXPANDER?

1 - Sustained and heightened level of focus!

2 - Increased Mental Stamina!

3 - The ability to work for longer without taking breaks!

Why does it matter so much that our products are water-soluble?

The body consist of at least 65% water and 18% carbon. Taking a clean water-soluble carbon supplement free from toxic ingredients will ensure extremely high bioavailability.

Our products are designed to match how the body functions and work with it, instead of attempting to highjack and manipulate.


"It has changed everything for me. I stand by this product. I will put my name on it happily. Try this out. It works!"

"I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis... it took about five weeks for it to start working... the effects came on kind of subtle... I noticed I went for approximately three weeks without any pain regularly... the over all benefits have been pretty amazing to me"

“I’ve noticed that my knees work much better and I can bend them further… it has made a significant difference particularly in my ability to move. I’m very excited and I highly recommend it!"

"My problem was very bad arthritis in my knees to the point I couldn't even stand up without assistance. And since taking the product not just the pain but mobility has improved. I can get up without anybody's assistance"

EON C60 has been designed to:

- Reduce inflammation (back pain, knee pain, neck pain, mosquito bites)
- Help to boost immune system

- Promote Longevity

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